Course overview

Rigorous and complete models need to be supported by an ability to extract information from Enterprise Architect. This course aims to teach the user of Enterprise Architect to create and generate focused and targeted reports for their user community from Enterprise Architect.

As part of this course the following topics are discussed:

  • Enterprise Architect and reporting
  • HTML Reporting (Generation of HTML reports are discussed and how it can be modified. Actual HTML coding is not discussed)
  • RTF Reporting
  • Standard reports
  • The RTF report editor
  • Developing custom content
  • Customising content
  • Inserting tables
  • RTF tags
  • Report formatting
  • Developing model documents
  • Developing master reports
  • Practical exercises


Delegates to this course should be familiar with Enterprise Architect. This training will be offered on the latest release of Enterprise Architect and delegates are urged to ensure that they have it installed.

Expected outcomes

At the end of this course the delegate will understand how to use Enterprise Architect’s reporting functionality for the generation of reports.


This course is targeted at anyone using Enterprise Architect.


2 days

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